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1000 in Berlin Distanz Photography Cover

1000 in Berlin

Berlin in 1000 Portraits—A Declaration of Love
Jan Rickers, Per Schumann
Release Date: 
April 2017
22 × 28 cm
256 pages, 400 color images, hardcover
Product details: 
Published by Distanz
Shop Price: €34.90
Catalog Price: 
€34.90 / $55.00 / £32.50

About This Book

Over the course of a year, the photographer Jan Rickers and the artist Per Schumann set up their mobile photography studio at a variety of locations all over Berlin in order to create portraits of widely different people. The 400 photographs they produced paint a multifaceted picture of the vibrant city, making this book a unique declaration of love.

“1000 in Berlin” showcases 1000 photographs of the humans of Berlin: colorful, multicultural, across all social classes and generations, captivatingly personal. From celebrities in the world of art and culture to the steelworker at a flea market in Marienfelde, they’re all here. All in all, the book presents a singularly dense snapshot of our time in 1000 faces.



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