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Gestalten x Mae Engelgeer — MORPH: Blanket

Gestalten x Mae Engelgeer — MORPH: Blanket

A textile collage to create a lush blanket.
Mae Engelgeer
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140 x 165 cm
Product details: 
Mohair, merino wool, and cotton.

About This Product

Mohair, merino wool, and cotton are woven together in a textile collage to create this lush blanket. Taking inspiration from the natural world with its misty fades and unexpected contrasts, shades of blue and grey float and fade softly and subtly into each other, interspersed with lines of vibrant red. As the blanket is folded different parts of the fading appear, creating new contrasts and combinations. The design is also a reference to the naturally occurring grids, veins, and grains found in plants and stone; despite the cool color scheme, the lasting impression is warm and organic. The Gestalten x Mae Engelgeer MORPH blanket measures 140 x 165 cm, and is limited to 25 pieces.

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About the designer:
Mae Engelgeer is a textile designer from The Netherlands. She creates her collections from her Amsterdam city studio. Her fascination with textiles started early, she has always been drawn to the inherently emotional aspect of tactile products, but also how color—her other obsession—behaves on fabrics. With a background in fashion, she studied textile design at the Fashion Institute in Amsterdam. She went on to explore the field of art and design for her masters at the Sandberg Institute. Most of her fabrics are developed and produced at the Textile Lab in Tilburg. Whether her signature blankets, rugs, or tea towels and napkins, her vibrant designs provide an attention-grabbing detail to interiors. With a graphic style and sixth sense for color, she is increasingly in demand to work on a wide range of collaborative projects involving textile design.