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Markus Form—Buddy

Markus Form—Buddy

A helpful piece of furniture that’s a true design chameleon.
Creating an iconic and graceful appearance.
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Product details: 
Size: S, 38.5 cm x 59 cm
Color: Pebble grey, natural base
Material: Aluminium, wood
Designed By: Bao Nghi-Droste
Shop Price: €255.00
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About This Product

Buddy is a small and useful piece of furniture that could be placed anywhere within a space and in many different environments. A little server that could act as an occasional object besides a sofa, but also as a free-standing solitary piece in a hallway. Its high edge to the surface of the top, resulting in a bowl-like shape, makes all the difference. It gives the opportunity to not only place things on top, but also to keep items inside, which makes the object multi­functional and create a new typology. The solid wood base contrasts with the cold metal surface of the aluminium bowl, adding a warm filigree character to the object and creates an iconic and graceful appearance.

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About Marcus Form
Markus Form is a Swedish furniture company founded with an idea of revitalising the Swedish furniture industry, with the ambition to develop and produce relevant furniture that is practical, easy to match and kind on the environment. Inspiration and knowledge comes from the heritage of Swedish and Scandinavian furniture and design, where the form is often strongly influenced by ergonomics and functionality as well skilled artisanship and a good working knowledge of materials.