Monkey 47

Schwarzwald Dry Gin
Gold awarded, one of the best gins of the world.
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47 % vol.
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About This Product

Monkey 47 is an extraordinary gin, distilled by Christoph Keller for Alexander Stein of Black Forest Distillers, using an old recipe with exactly 47 ingredients plus the super soft water of an own source at the Black Forest. The spirit has been awarded Gold Medal – Best in Class – Gin worldwide, IWSC, London 2011 and a Gold Medal at World Spirits Award, 2011.

Lead distiller Christoph Keller, a former art publisher, had no prior knowledge or experience when it came to distilling spirits; he was just looking to slow down and relax from his rather hectic life. The challenges facing the self-taught budding distiller were manifold; however, fast-forward to the present day, and Stählemühle is regarded as one of the best distilleries in Germany and beyond. The distillers have won scores of awards—both national and international.

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