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Getting organised the stylish way.
Nomess Copenhagen
Product details: 
Lightweight untreated balsa wood

Sizes available:
Balsabox S - w 15cm / d15cm / h 11,8cm
Balsabox M - w 20cm / d 20cm / h 15,8cm
Balsabox L - w 25cm / d 25cm / h 19,8cm
Balsabox XL- w 30cm / d 30cm / h 23,8cm
Balsabox A4 - w 33cm / d 25cm / h 15,5cm
Balsabox A5 - w 25cm / d 16,5cm / h 11,8cm
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About This Product

An American study has shown that American women spend 55,2 minutes a day looking for their things. Those 55,2 minutes per day add up to 14 days a year. Just imagine the free time (the two weeks vacation!) you’d have if you always knew exactly where to find you remote control, your scarf and your favourite earrings. So get organized! The stylish way!

Super lightweight beautiful multi-purpose storage boxes made from balsa wood in various sizes including A4 and A5 for paper stuff.

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