Freitag F08 Pouch Large

One of the new fantastic four marshals by Swiss bag brand Freitag.
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Each Indiviual Colored Pouch of Recycled Truck Tarpaulin with HiQuality Zipper
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About This Product

Sorry, not available for online purchase, but F08 and many other unique colored purses, pouches, wallets, shoppers and bags by Freitag are available offline at our very own Gestalten Space Berlin.

FREITAG instills law and order: Coins from Pre-Euro times, coupons from shops that probably closed in the nineties, embarrassing polaroids you just can't burn, divorce papers, replacement buttons or tools for self-assembly furniture you might need in the distant future – all this is the main cause for messy drawers.

The new FREITAG orderlies are the perfect answer to this dirty problem: BLAIR, SERENA, CHUCK and DAN are the F-antastic four, differently sized pouches with the colorful zippers for a cleaned-up life.

A life in order: Already before the latest members of the FREITAG family became orderly storage pouches, they were trucks, patiently waiting in line in front of the Gotthard tunnel. Now their different sizes are helping you make room for friends in your bath, office, or the cellar or to clean up your secret drawers – by actually putting things in order, or at least by hiding the chaos behind colored zippers. Tested and trusted: These pouches work. For life. Clean up your mess and clean up your act.

For the first time there is no collector's craze in buying a whole load of FREITAG products at once. On the contrary: Buying a stack of pouches indicates whatever messy collection you might have is about to be put in order thanks to BLAIR, SERENA, CHUCK & DAN.

The A4-sized color-zippered organising superhero...


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