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Singapore: The Monocle Travel Guide Series

Singapore offers a steaming fusion of food, shopping, culture, and start-up creativity all uniquely nestled in a city ringed by shrines, rainforests, and resorts.
Tyler Brûlé, Andrew Tuck, Joe Pickard
Release Date: 
April 2016
14 × 21 cm
Full color, hardcover, 148 pages
Shop Price: €15.00
Catalog Price: 
€15.00 / $15.00 / £12.99

About This Book

Gone are the days when outsiders struggled to pinpoint Singapore on a map; this equatorial city-state is making waves across myriad sectors from health to logistics. Its skyline has taken shape at a blistering pace with numerous attention-grabbing architectural accents. Singapore can still surprise though: quaint colonial-era shop houses sit anachronistically nestled alongside skyscrapers; temples, mosques, and churches share the same streets and open-air food courts sell tasty street food just steps away from fine-dining establishments. With a decidedly global outlook, the country embraces all things hi-tech and modern while having one foot firmly rooted in tradition.
The Monocle Travel Guide to Singapore will equip you with the know-how to explore beyond the obvious. We've scoured the city-state for the top restaurants and kueh (confectionery) shops and listed the independent retailers selling goods that embody the best of "brand Singapore".

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Monocle reports from around the globe from the platforms of print, radio, and online. As their editors and correspondents dart from city to city, they get to know the best places to rest their heads, stretch their limbs, and kick back with a contact in a hard-to-find cocktail bar. All of that invaluable information is now available in The Monocle Travel Guide Series: a line-up of titles that speaks to readers in an informed but informal way about everything from architecture to art, late-night bars to early-morning café excursions. These are books that go beyond the traditional tourist beats to make sure you get the most out of a city no matter how short your stay. Designed to be compact and collectable, they are also discerning. Between the covers, there shall not be a list of a hundred places to eat, but a thoughtful focus on what's best for any occasion.