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Wanderlust Gestalten Hiking Escape Outdoors Book Cover Side


Hiking on Legendary Trails
Explore the world one step at a time. Wanderlust presents legendary walking routes with inviting maps, practical tips, and inspiring landscape photographs.
Gestalten & Cam Honan
Release Date: 
April 2017
24 × 30 cm
Full color, hardcover, 256 pages
Shop Price: €39.90
Catalog Price: 
€39.90 / $60.00 / £40.00

About This Book

The Narrows Top Down Route, the spectacular El Caminito del Rey in Spain, the fabled Kumano Kodo pilgrimage in Japan, or a mythical hiking path in the land of the giants in Norway – Wanderlust explores legendary hiking trails in enchanting corners of the world and over a variety of terrain: thin ice and desert sands; coastal tracks and forest pathways.

Spectacular photography illustrates journeys to sharp summits, astonishing vistas, and phenomenal locales. With maps featuring noteworthy locations alongside background information and practical tips by Cam Honan, an expert who has hiked many of the trails himself, Wanderlust will suit both intrepid beginners and seasoned trekkers.

From modern-day transcendentalists or those who simply desire a casual break from concrete scenery, Wanderlust allows readers to live vicariously through vivid portraits or use the trips as impetus for their own hiking journey.

Following faded footsteps of migrating animals or paths of ancient trade routes, the trails featured in Wanderlust offer both outdoor exploration and enjoyment.


Dieser Artikel ist als deutsche Sprachversion verfügbar:

Wanderlust präsentiert historische Wege, die schon seit Jahrhunderten Länder und Städte verbinden und auch heute noch bewandert werden. Die schönsten Kurz- und Fernwanderpfade der Erde führen durch Wälder, Berge und Schluchten, durch Eis- und Sandwüste und an Steilküsten entlang.



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