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Oded Ezer

The Typographer‘s Guide to the Galaxy
The first publication on the outstanding experimental typography designer Oded Ezer.
Oded Ezer
Release Date: 
May 2009
24 x 30 cm
192 Pages, full colour, hardcover, half linen, silver embossing, forewords by Paola Antonelli (MoMA, New York) and Marian Bantjes
Shop Price: €39.90
Catalog Price: 
€39.90 / $60.00 / £35.00

About This Book

Oded Ezer presents the outstanding work of visionary typographer, graphic designer and artist Oded Ezer for the first time. He explores the anatomy of letters through his almost scientific approach to type design and creates Hebrew and Latin characters and alphabets that integrate elements atypical for font design. This book documents his type art and typographic experiments as well as his refined graphic designs, logos and unique font designs. This publication showcases his remarkable creative output and offers a rare insight into Ezer’s design process.

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Oded Ezer: The Typographer‘s Guide to the Galaxy presents the typographic experiments and experimental typography of visionary artist and designer Oded Ezer for the first time. A pioneer in the field, Ezer is one of the most influential designers today, who is reinventing the art of typography.

Based in Tel Aviv, Ezer has an almost scientific approach to type design in which he explores the anatomy of letters and alphabets. His Hebrew and Latin characters and alphabets are influenced by calligraphy and integrate elements that are not typical for font design, such as ornamental and organic shapes that resemble creatures. The book introduces his type art and hybrid typo creatures, including projects from his Biotypography series. Here, Ezer applies biological systems and organic beings to create and modify type into hybrid type insects and animals as well as cloned sperm creatures that are half sperm, half human with typographic information implanted in their DNA with Typosperma, the latter of which has been exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art, New York. Further experiments such as his Tortured Letters series, Typoplastic Surgeries and Typo Mythologies are included.

In addition to these projects, this monograph also documents elegant and concise logo designs that Oded Ezer has created for international brands and institutions, as well as his collection of font designs. Oded Ezer also highlights the designer’s current work including a collection of photographs of his lab experiments in the studio, exhibition installations, sketches and illustrations along with detailed texts about each of his projects. With two forewords by Paola Antonelli, Curator of the Department of Architecture and Design at MoMA, New York and renowned designer, illustrator and typographer Marian Bantjes, this publication showcases a remarkable portfolio of work and offers a rare insight into Ezer’s design process.

"His fantastical creatures not only literally embody the dream of design and science coming together, but also let us dream about a super-human language that is shaped by biology, rather than by culture – the dream of a universal means of communication that we have sought for centuries." – Paola Antonelli



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