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Once you've logged in and successfully finished your transaction, you will automatically be returned to the Gestalten Online Shop which will be the last phase to complete your purchase. If you are not automatically returned to the Gestalten website, please make sure to click the Return link. Your invoice will be created through the Gestalten Online Shop and failing to return to the Gestalten website will make your purchase void.

Please note, we do not accept bank transfers.


Credit Card

We accept the following credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express and JCB.
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Pre-payment by Bank Wire

Choose pre-payment if you want to wire transfer the invoice total upfront to our bank account.
You will get a confirmation email containing our bank account information.

We will send your ordered items after receiving the invoice total in full.

Please transfer the order amount to the account stated in the confirmation email within 3 days time, use the order confirmation number as reference.

Very important: We will hold your order for 10 days during which time we must receive your payment in full on our bank account. If not, the order will be cancelled automatically.