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A Delicious Life Gestalten cover

A Delicious Life

New Food Entrepreneurs
An inspiring showcase of today’s new food movement and the people behind it.
Gestalten & Marie Le Fort
Release Date: 
April 2013
21 x 26 cm
240 pages, full color, hardcover
Shop Price: €38.00
Catalog Price: 
€38.00 / $55.00 / £35.00

About This Book

A Delicious Life showcases today’s new food movement and the people behind it. The book takes us into the workplaces and minds of groundbreaking foodists who are fine-tuning cooking, baking, and brewing methods; rediscovering long forgotten ingredients; developing cutting-edge new recipes; and creating exceptional experiences around food.

A Delicious Life reveals the personalities and passions fueling food’s current evolution. Featuring a broad spectrum of food entrepreneurs and their striking locations for cooking, eating, and shopping, as well as a selection of their kitchen utensils, products, and surprising events, the book provides readers with sources and inspiration to become a part of this movement themselves.

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Creative young people who used to want to work at start-ups, advertising agencies, or investment banks are now increasingly likely to become organic farmers, beekeepers, speak-easy bartenders, or owners of mom-and-pop grocery stores. Inspired by heartfelt passion and an uncompromising commitment to quality, a new generation of entrepreneurs from around the world is putting their skills to work at preserving local culinary traditions, brewing the best beer, preparing exceptional marmalades, or rescuing heirloom varieties of apples.

A Delicious Life presents the protagonists of this new food movement and offers a look into their world as well as their kitchens, gardens, stores, and workshops. While some are rediscovering long forgotten ingredients or cooking methods, others are researching and developing inventive new recipes. The book features designers who are integrating food and culinary rituals into their creations as well publishers of so-called foodzines who are documenting the latest innovations in charming ways.

In addition to introducing the aforementioned personalities, A Delicious Life also showcases the changing visual culture of today’s foodists, including a selection of packaging design. The book also features a broad spectrum of locations for cooking, eating, and shopping, as well as kitchen utensils and surprising events that encourage readers to become a part of this new food movement themselves.




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