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The Creativity Watchlist
A new breed of creatives is enriching the classic categories of design.
Release Date: 
September 2011
24 x 30 cm
288 pages, full color, hardcover

Special Price: (€44.00)  €14.95

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€44.00 / $68.00 / £45.00

About This Book

The creative visions of design’s forerunners currently play with colors and patterns as well as with elements of realism, surrealism, op art, and tribal art. Precursor presents this strikingly interdisciplinary work that exists beyond the latest trends and retro looks and whose only obligation is to innovate.

This book is a trailblazing collection of recent work by a new breed of young designers from around the world complemented by insightful texts. Although stylistically diverse, the examples documented in Precursor are all created with a distinctly multidisciplinary approach that is enriching and expanding established categories of design.

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Thanks to ever-increasing digitalization, design has gone through a process of democratization since the 1990s. Because the internet has made the digital tools of various creative directions so easily accessible, many young designers are currently working in a multidisciplinary way.

Today, the most compelling work is being created where classic design categories intersect. Young designers are moving fluidly between established job descriptions such as graphic designer, advertiser, street artist, video director, typographer, illustrator, product designer, and musician—often working as several at the same time. Because they customize their fields to suit their individual needs and their output often meanders through very different categorizations, the work of these designers may seem random at first glance. Still, despite or because of the way the work, they are profoundly innovative as well as remarkably determined when it comes to realizing their creative visions and establishing a personal style.

Precursor introduces outstanding young design talent from around the world and documents their most recent work. Although regional creative differences and design traits still exist, the examples collected here show how a new transnational style is currently being established. This work exists beyond current trends and retro looks; its only obligation is to innovate.



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