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For the Creative and Curious
UPPERCASE publishes books and magazines for the creative and curious: products that spark the imagination and inspire creativity.
Janine Vangool
Sold Out
22 x 28 cm
114 pages
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About This Periodica

"Our eponymous magazine, now in its fourth year, is loved by readers around the world and has been recognized for its design excellence. We view everything we publish as an opportunity to create something special, so each product has high production values and attention to detail. A playful exploration of creativity, an affinity for vintage ephemera, and a love of typography are some elements common to many of our publications."

Issue 28, Winter 2016:
"Content inspired by wire artwork, doodling and scribbling, numerals and more eclectic, visual content."

Issue 27, Fall 2015:
Special Feature New Illustration Talent.

Issue 26, Summer 2015:
"Even the smallest things have the potential to inspire us in big ways. The postage stamp, seemingly so simple, is one of the smallest ubiquitous pieces of printed-on-paper graphic design that is still part of our everyday lives. These tiny works of art represent a world of opportunity for creatives. Whether they decorate a wedding invitation, are part of a mixed-media collage or represent the ultimate career highlight of becoming part of your country’s history: we all want to put our stamp on something.
In a circuitous way, philately leads us to another area of interest: perforations and crafts made with holes, like lace and doilies. On closer reflection, stamps and lace aren’t so distantly related afterall. Attention to detail, all-consuming and patient work... both stamp collecting and lacemaking stand the test of time. Preserved in the dry gum back of a stamp or carefully crocheted within a doily are fond memories, familial ties—and love. It’s not surprising that these topics are so dear to one’s heart."

Issue 25, Spring 2015: - SOLD OUT -
"We are all print-makers. We make prints on a daily basis. Whether we’re duplicating memorandum on the office copier, outputting a resume on the laser printer or printing personal photos on an ink jet, we all have easy access to making more than one of something on paper.
But when you bring the words together as one, “printmaker” evokes something else entirely. It might suggest an expert using antiquated equipment powered by their own elbow grease and sheer will. Or one could imagine a scholared artist making limited-edition prints. Maybe you think of a graphic designer who moonlights silkscreening posters for his favourite bands. Or a letterpress printer who makes and sells her own line of stationery. You could picture a textile designer committing her designs to fabric using blocks or screens. Perhaps you think of an illustrator carving his art on rubber erasers and simply stamping the results. You could picture all of this—and there would still be more!
Printmakers are as varied as there are techniques, methods and technology. From monoprints to multiples, this issue of UPPERCASE is all about this love of making an impression."

Issue 24, Winter 2015: - SOLD OUT -
"Though my first love will always be paper, I find myself increasingly drawn to the tactility of textiles. Quilting and weaving … these crafts go beyond decoration of a flat plane into the actual creation and modification of a surface. In this issue, we meet modern weavers, discover how design thinking informs quilt making, scavenge with our talented readers, and explore the cultural history of vintage feed sacks.
In honour of this 24th issue of UPPERCASE, we examine our creative ways and find out what it takes to have a productive and creative day. We also meet some brave “tattooed artists” who have put ink under their skin to express who they are. Last, but not least, we spend a little free time finding flea market treasures with some friends.
Each issue has a swatch of vintage feed sack fabric hand-applied to the cover!"

Issue 23, Fall 2014: The Calligraphy and Lettering Issue - SOLD OUT -
"Celebrating things monochromatic—and the graphic appeal of black and white—issue #23 contains a special calligraphy and lettering section featuring Seb Lester (our cover calligrapher), master penman Jake Weidmann and profiles of Joy Deneen, Maybelle Imasa-Stukuls, Erica McPhee, Barbara Calzolari, Neil Tasker, Pietro Piscitelli and Molly Jacques. The experts offer tips for beginners and our talented pool of readers share their calligraphy work as well.
This issue also has articles about modern-day heraldry and how to use tradition and crests to design your brand; silver spoons painted and collected; the dynamic mother-daughter duo Tag Team Tompkins; a field trip to an in-house signpainter in Toronto's soon-to-be-extinct Honest Ed's; a visit to an enigmatic House of Cardboard; and a trip to a Parisian calligraphy guild."

Issue 22, Summer 2014: Full Spectrum - SOLD OUT -
"Issue 22 of UPPERCASE magazine is inspired by colour. With such a broad topic, I had to find a way to tackle it within one issue.
Like many graphic designers, I thrive on constraints. So I gave myself some rules to follow: 1) The issue would be organized Roy-G-Biv-style, going from red at the front of the book through to violet at the last page. 2) The arrangement of the content and structure of the magazine would stay the same as any other issue of UPPERCASE.
For example, the Beginnings column is the first few pages of the magazine and would therefore feature predominantly red imagery. I set out to find an artist whose work uses a lot of red: Canadian painter Janet Hill has been in my inspiration file for years and her paintings are punctuated with ruby accents. At the other end of the spectrum, I described the concept to longtime contributor Andrea Jenkins, who wrote a musing on her love/hate relationship with the colour purple.
With these guidelines in place, I assigned and curated content—sharing my art-directed rainbow concept with our contributors and featured artists along the way. I am so grateful to all the amazing contributors and featured artists who shared my colourful vision for this summer issue and turned in some spectacular work."