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Bicycle Culture and Design
A striking visual journey into the multifaceted world of cycling.
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Release Date: 
April 2010
21 x 26 cm
240 Pages, full color, flexocover
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€35.00 / $50.00 / £32.50

About This Book

Velo introduces a wild bunch of passionate cyclists – frame builders, urban planners, artists, photographers, and those who ride professionally – who are making an impact. They are not only shaping styles, but promoting cycling as a primary form of transport. The book also explores the aesthetic of today’s cycling culture and presents custom-made frames and art bikes as well as a selection of contemporary illustration and design influenced by the cycling movement. Geared toward anyone who has a personal or professional interest in cycling, Velo is the fast lane into a current topic that is both entertaining and socially relevant.

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Cycling is zeitgeist. With rising fuel prices and mounting ecological awareness, bicycle sales are significantly up. Activity became activism and then lifestyle. Moving on two wheels is now a movement.

Velo is a striking visual journey into the multifaceted world of cycling and the diverse tribes that inhabit it. These range from hardcore 2-wheel globetrotters, downtown messengers on fixed-gear bikes without brakes, laid back pedallers on old-fashioned Dutch bicycles, fashionable cyclists on vintage racing bikes, and dedicated fans of high-tech racing machines and e-bikes. The book also gives insider views into the production halls of renowned Italian and French brands as well as the workshops of a new generation of passionate frame builders in the US.

Velo presents the design and visual aesthetic of today’s cycling culture. The book features examples of T-shirts, caps, bags, flyers, and special equipment such as the spoke cards that bike messengers use in their alleycat races. It also explores the impact the cycling movement is making on contemporary art.

In addition, Velo documents the relevance of bicycles in both rural and urban areas. It introduces innovative urban planning concepts such as the new bike lanes that are currently emerging in Manhattan and Copenhagen.

Velo is the fast lane into a topic that is both entertaining and socially relevant. The book is geared toward anyone who has a professional interest in or personal passion for the world of cycling.



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