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The Face of Morality
Vorn–at the junction of book and magazine.
Joachim Baldauf, Uta Grosenick
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21 × 29,7 cm
240 pages, softcover, full color
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€15.00 / $22.00 / £12.50

About This Periodica

The periodical Vorn has received many accolades since it was first published by the renowned fashion photographer Joachim Baldauf in 2004, including multiple Lead Awards. Defying simple categorization as a magazine or a book, Vorn captivates its readers with a sophisticated selection of cutting-edge artistic perspectives. Its relentless and idiosyncratic aesthetic is showcased in a juxtaposition of photo spreads, experimental texts, and visual fragments—all of which are a testament to the quality of the crossover publication.

Offering inspiring contemporary reading, Vorn not only works with leading photographers, artists, designers, and authors, but also pursues creative collaborations with key brands, agencies, and organizations. The current issue The Face of Morality includes layouts by Jens Ullrich, Florian Meisenberg, Mario Pfeifer, Anca Munteanu Rimnic, Fette Sans, Sebastian Pranz, Thomas Schenk, Fabian Marti, Georg Biron, Elfie Semotan, and Milch + Honig Designkultur as well as Olympus and Chanel.

Since 2004, six editions of Vorn have been published at irregular intervals and all of them have sold out. Now, Vorn celebrates its tenth anniversary with this seventh issue.

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About the publishers:

One of Germany’s leading fashion photographers, Joachim Baldauf has won international recognition for his work with magazines such as Wallpaper*. When he launched the first issue of Vorn, Baldauf also founded the publishing house Printkultur Verlag. He teaches at various universities in Germany and around the world.

Uta Grosenick is the author and publisher of numerous publications in the fields of art, design, fashion, photography, and architecture. In 2010, she co-founded the Berlin-based Distanz Verlag along with Christian Boros. The publishing house works closely with leading museums and institutions to create books on contemporary art and culture.