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Francesco Franchi - Infographic Thinking

Francesco Franchi - Infographic Thinking

Two-day Workshop
Limited to 20 participants
Sold Out

About This Workshop

This workshop is at full capacity. We are not able to accept any more entries at this point, but in case you are interested in a folllow up workshop with Francesco Franchi or in any other upcoming workshops, please drop us a line with your contact details at

The evolution of information stands at the intersection between the visualization and critical interpretation of data. With technology advancing at such rapid speed, and the way we consume and digest information constantly evolving, designers are challenged to embrace new editorial formats, platforms, and visual languages.

An emergence of visual journalists and graphic editors are tackling this task and reinventing news on paper through a new form of journalistic expression. They are creating a narrative language where the content and visuals coexist and work cohesively together to deliver a result that is digestible, informative, and enhances the overall quality of the story. Editorial designers are developing new journalistic styles and conveying their ideas through visual storytelling where texts, headlines, photographs, and infographics are not considered as standalone elements but developed together to create a visual story that allows readers to process and digest this knowledge in an informative and elegant way.

Infographics have become the key to changing culture and convention from the perspective of information consumption and IL—Intelligence in Lifestyle, the first magazine dedicated to cultural and social transformation in the 21st century, is one of the publications today that is pushing the envelope in the field of editorial design.

Over the two-day workshop, Francesco Franchi, a master of information design and the art director of IL, will give insight into how graphic editors filter information, establish relationships, discern patterns, and develop inspiring and stimulating solutions to contextualize information that simultaneously inspires, informs, entertains and even encourages critical thought.

Francesco Franchi is an editorial and information designer, and since 2008, the art director for IL–Intelligence in Lifestyle, the monthly news magazine of Il Sole 24 ORE, one of Italy’s top financial newspapers. Before IL, he worked as senior designer at Leftloft, a Milan-based design studio developing communication design and infographics for editorial projects. Embracing new languages in journalism, Franchi is a true master of combining representation and interpretation, creating a visual form that is as graphic as it is narrative, as entertaining as it is informative. His work has been awarded on numerous occasions, including the European Design Awards and at the renowned Malofiej conference.

Watch Francesco Franchi on Francesco Franchi — On Visual Storytelling and New Languages in Journalism

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